Natália Peťková
architecture, research, teaching                                                                                                
Architect HMONP SKA
PhD candidate
    dir. Valéry Didelon
École nationale supérieure d’architecture
    Paris-Malaquais and Université Paris Est Sup
Research funded by the Caisse des Dépôts
    and the French Ministry of Culture

Natália is a Slovak-British, Paris-based architect and researcher, graduated from the University of Cambridge (MPhil Architecture & Urban Design) and the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (Master Territoires, Espaces et Sociétés). Her PhD thesis associates an interest for contemporary architectural theory with ethnographic methods and is broadly articulated around the use of stone as building material today.

In practice, she has most recently worked for Barrault Pressacco in Paris — for whom she notably led the production of the exhibition Pierre: Réveler la Ressource, Explorer le Matériau held at the Pavillon de l’Arsenal— and Caruso St John Architects in London. Prior collaborations have included: Boidot Robin (FR), Laura Dewe Matthews Architecture (GB), Bogdan & Van Broeck Architects (BE), Docomomo International (ES) and the Atelier Parisien d’Urbanisme (FR).

Alongside her doctoral research, Natália has supervised student design and research projects at ENSA Paris Malaquais, ENSA Paris Belleville and EAVT Paris Est, given talks at various European architecture schools and published in a number of peer-reviewed journals. She is currently pursuing building projects that engage questions of memory and resource.

ongoing + upcoming

book launch, Contre les normes ? Histoires d’architectes. Librarie Volume, Paris, 14th June 2023.

jury, 5th Grand Prix d'architectures. 
Summer/Autumn, 2023. 

guest tutor, architecture diploma, Atelier Šik, The Academy of Fine Arts in Prague 2023.


talk, ‘Conflating ethics with aesthetics. The case of a Reinforced Stone Column’. Conference What Architecture does to Ecology, ENSA Normandie. 20-21st April 2023.

architectural critique in d’a. Issue 305. March 2023. 

article in Faces. Issue 81 on contemporary Suisse-Romande architecture. Winter 2022.

article in Dimensions. Journal of Architectural Knowledge. Transcript. Issue 3. Meike Schalk, Torsten Lange, Andreas Putz, Tijana Stevanović (eds.). Winter 2022.

chapter in Contre les normes ? Histoires d’architectes, edited by Carmen Popescu, ENSA Bretagne. Winter 2022.

talk, The Massive Stone Atlas, Short Stories from the Field. Caruso St John Architects, London. 29th September 2022.

talk, UMR AUSser doctoral seminar, session Cultures Matérielles, organised by Estelle Thibault, Soline Nivet and Frédéric Pousin. ENSA Paris-Belleville. 17th May 2022.

guest host, Doc Talks gta. Presentations by Carla Frick-Cloupet (ENSASE, ULB) and Dominik Hoehn (University of Cambridge). ETH Zürich. 3rd May 2022.

guest tutor, workshop Copy, Cut, Paste with Martin Migeon, as part of Architecture as Choreography, inter-year intensive curated by Ahmed Belkhodja of Fala Atelier. EAVT Paris Est. 25th - 29th April 2022.

talk ‘Following stone in architecture: the time things went awry in Mallorca.’ Doc Talks gta. Hosted by Ina Valkanova with Adam Przywara as respondent. ETH Zürich. 5th October 2021.

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talk, ‘Attending to the trivia of massive stone construction today: trials in the pragmatist approach to architecture.’ Seminar À la recherche du sens des matériaux taught by Ariane Wilson. ENSA Strasbourg. 1st December 2020.

micro-talk, ‘Effet de masse et sensation de légèreté : sont-ils dus à la matière ou à sa mise en œuvre ?’ Pecha Kucha series organised by Paolo Tarabusi. ENSA Paris-Val de Seine. 9th November 2020.

talk, ‘Form follows material? Ongoing research in practice.’ Doctoral workshop Approaching Research Practice in Architecture hosted by TU Munich, TU Delft and KTH Stockholm. 8th - 9th October 2020. 

contribution to L’Cowboy, an online aediucla of bookmarks edited by Lorenzo Iandelli. May 2020.

talk, ‘Building in Massive Stone Today: News From the Field.’ Studio Building Material, Chair An Fonteyne. ETH Zürich. 25th March 2020.

talk, ‘À l'encontre de la norme constructive : Les équipements scolaires en pierre massive de Gilles Perraudin.’ Doctoral workshop La norme et son contraire organised by Carmen Popescu, Anne-Marie Châtelet, Hélène Jannière and Jean-Baptiste Minnaert. ENSA Bretagne. 14th February 2020.

jury, bachelor thesis, taught by Julie André-Garguilo, l'EAVT Paris-Est. 8th Janurary 2020.

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talk, ‘L’invention du Granit de Porto : un outil de conservation ?’ Interdisciplinary doctoral workshop Études environnementales et sciences sociales ; temporalités, matérialités, sources et enquêtes organised by Alice Ingold and Grégory Quenet. École Française de Rome. 23rd - 28th October 2017.

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talk, ‘Self-initiated architectural projects: case studies from present-day Portugal.’ Cambridge Design Research Studio, University of Cambridge. 6th May 2016.

exhibition of A Storey’s Tale project as part of Designing Scarcity: Design and Innovation in Times of Scarcity, curated by Jan Boelen of Z33. Het NieuWe Instituut, Rotterdam. 2014.

editing of Modern Africa: Tropical Architecture, Issue 48. 2013/1 

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