Natália Peťková is a Bratislava-born, London-grown architect based in Paris. Her independent work currently spans building design, research on questions of cultural memory and material resource, and largely non-academic writing.

Graduated from the University of Cambridge (2015) and the École des hautes études en sciences sociales (2018), she holds a doctorate from the École nationale supérieure d'architecture Paris‑Malaquais — Université Paris Est (2023). Set out as nine short stories that follow a series of projects in the making in Spain, Switzerland and Britain, her thesis explores what the choice of stone in structure is doing to contemporary architecture. 

Previously, Natália has collaborated with architectural practices in London, Brussels, Porto and Paris — most recently Barrault Pressacco in Paris and Caruso St John in London . She has taught diploma-level design and research at ENSA-Paris Malaquais and been an invited tutor, jury member and lecturer at a number of European architecture schools. Natália has authored a series of peer-reviewed articles and co-authored Pierre as well as Contre les normes? . She contributes to Women Writing Architecture and regularly writes for the French monthly review d’a.

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